Brad Wursten

Brad Wursten's obsession with flying started at just 4 years old. He knew he would become a pilot, after riding as a passenger in a plane that was flown by one of his father's friends above the farmland of Northern Utah. When he was just eight years old, he began building and flying model aircraft near the home where he grew up in Hyde Park, Utah. His Parents, Jerry and Audre recognized Brad's standout talent and interest in the aviation field and provided many opportunities along the way further develop his skills. The technicality of maneuvering the controls on a remote control airplane, helped him fine tune his skills in real life application. Because of his technical skill level, he's able to wow spectators at many airshows each year.

A breakout star in the airshow industry, Brad has logged nearly 4000 hours in 50 different types of aircraft. While doing that, he's earned his private, commercial, multi engine, and instrument ratings. The highlight of Brad's career has been performing at airshows, and teaching youth about flying. Whether thrilling fans with an insane and jaw dropping airshow display, or pushing the limits on one of his RC airplanes, Brad can usually be found near some kind of aircraft. His airshow performance is jam packed with one-of-a-kind stunts and maneuvers exclusive to his act. As a spectator at one of the events in his airshow circuit, you can expect a high energy display--one that will take you to the edge of your seat.

MX2 Aircraft

The MX2 aerobatic aircraft is an all-carbon fiber, two place high performance aircraft with maneuverability that has never before been available in a two-place aerobatic airplane.

The MX2 has unmatched maneuverability in a two-seater with smooth crisp responsive controls. The MX2 offers the capability of being a comfortable two seat, fast cross–country sports plane with a cruising speed in excess of 200 knots and up to 1200 miles of range. The MX2 Is powered by a Lycoming IO-540 Thunderbolt with 360+ HP, with a Hartzel Talon Carbon Fiber propeller. It has a Climb rate of over 3500 ft. per minute, roll rate of over 420 degrees per second. Being the aircraft is made of all carbon fiber it weights an impressive 1340 lbs!