The Super Chipmunk - GhostWriter

Nathan was born into the airshow world, his first flight at 2 weeks old on his mother’s lap. Raised in up-state New York, the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum was his childhood playground and a major influence from day one. Fascinated by the thrill and excitement at the weekly airshows, Nathan’s approach to safely demonstrate aircraft for the crowd’s entertainment was developed.

Soloing as a teenager, Nathan now has over 7,000 hours of experience as an Airshow, Corporate, and Factory Demonstration Pilot as well as holding an aircraft mechanics license. Following the family legacy that began at the Aerodrome, Nathan continues to fly the museum’s collection of early pioneers and World War I aircraft. He has truly flown everything from Jenny’s to Jets!

Twenty-five years ago, Nathan established, what would become, a deep-rooted involvement with a deHaviland Chipmunk, then known as the Pepsi SkyDancer. Enamored with the aircraft's graceful appearance and love of aerobatics, Nathan joined the SkyDancer team, quickly advancing as crew chief and ferry pilot for airshows across North America.

After years of coaching and mentoring; the closely held and highly guarded art of skywriting was passed onto Nathan. His first message was a true test, written overtop 100,000 NASCAR fans and broadcast on live TV. From that moment, a new legacy was born. Nathan’s skywriting has received recognition on National TV, USA Today, and major news outlets for his aerial displays at Airshows, festivals, and sporting events.

In 2016, with a well-established airshow career, Nathan took full control of SkyDancer and re-named the ship GhostWriter, in reference to his skywriting. Today, Nathan flies the GhostWriter in an action-packed routine full of loops, rolls, and verticals, held tightly in front of the crowd. When night falls and the stars come out, he lights up the sky with 200lbs of wing-mounted pyrotechnics and special effect lighting, as he dances across the sky.